IT Support for each business varies depending on the businesses own unique needs. For this reason, when taking on a new business customer, we will always come out to review the business and see how the organization functions.

This will all ensure that you are getting the right advice and the right support for your company when making IT decisions. For example, having data stored in the building on an encrypted NAS drive which backs up to the Cloud may not be right for your company. Especially if your staff work in different locations. However, working directly from the Cloud servers will allow you access to all your data from any location and is stored safely in the encrypted Cloud.

We make everything simple and easy to understand.

Our Managed Business IT Support Contracts cover remote and on-site support for desktops, laptops and servers.
With over 50 business customers on remote support contracts, we know how to keep our customers happy.

Business Support contract start from £15 per computer per month + VAT (minimum 5 computers).


Preparing for the GDPR means we are actively calling our customers to make sure they are compliant and if not suggesting and helping them figure out what is the best plan of action to take for their company to be compliant.

Read more about GDPR here.

We provide the latest Microsoft Exchange.