Due to the quantity of domestic customers we have on remote support means we normally see the same virus several times on different computers. Once we have resolved the initial problem we are then able to quickly remove the same virus from all other customers.

With over 400 domestic customers on a remote support contract, we know how to keep our customers happy.

Unlimited Remote Support for One Computer: £120 per year

We provide unlimited software remote support for one computer. For any problems/viruses or anything you don’t understand on your computer, you can give us a call and we will log on remotely and fix that fault. Also included in this service is a yearly clean up where we log in remotely and give your computer a full health check. This will keep your computer running smoothly throughout the year. If we cannot fix your computer remotely, you can bring it in to our office, most of the time this is at no extra cost. This is included in your contract. If the issue requires us to visit you, there will be a call out fee of £60 which is 50% off our normal price of £120 per visit.

Unlimited Remote Support Household: £156 per year

In this package we provide every service mentioned in ‘Unlimited Remote Support for One Computer,’ however this also covers every other computer in your household. This is very important if you have someone at University as this would also include their computer.

On-Site Visit if not on remote support

There is a set call out charge of £120 per visit. However, if we are unable to remove any viruses or fix the issue the customer is facing, we offer a NO FIX NO FEE policy so there would be no charge. We also guarantee all our work for 3 months. Some of our work is challenging and we will on occasions spend up to a couple of hours at your premises making sure the issue is completely fixed. Regardless of time, this is done at no additional cost to you.

We provide the latest Microsoft Exchange.